Photodynamic Facial Details

Your skin deserves special attention

Our office is proud to offer photodynamic facial therapy featuring Omnilux™ light systems. Omnilux™ light based therapy offers a new generation of minimally invasive light technology for a variety of medical skin treatments and conditions. Omnilux™ is the leader in narrowband Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology and is FDA approved for mild to moderate acne, periorbital wrinkles and even muscular pain.

We offer Omnilux blue,™ Omnilux revive,™ and Omnilux plus™ photodynamic therapy to treat a variety of skin care conditions. Our Omnilux™ light systems are available for the treatment of acne, periorbital wrinkles, vitiligo, UV damaged skin, psoriasis and are used to aid in wound healing and pain management.

Our office offers Omnilux blue™ photodynamic therapy alternating with Omnilux revive™ to treat and destroy the bacteria that cause acne, help clear pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. Photodynamic LED therapy may be administered in conjunction with the topical application of Levulan® (aminolevulinic acid) depending on the treatment goals.

We also offer Omnilux revive™ light therapy in combination with a topical pseudocatalase to help repigment vitiligo lesions. Omnilux™ light therapy photostimulates melanocytes with 633nm light to generate melanin within the skin.

Our office has incorporated Omnilux blue,™ Omnilux revive™ and Omnilux plus™ into our light based therapy skin rejuvenation packages which are combined with select facial treatments and chemical peels.

Omnilux™ light systems deliver a totally natural method of light-only skin rejuvenation. We have combined this exciting technology with skin care facials and a variety of skin treatments including our intense pulse light therapy and skin resurfacing procedures. Unique combinations of Omnilux™ light therapy with alternating wave lengths have been shown in clinical studies to have a synergistic effect on skin rejuvenation, this exciting technology is available at our office.

For additional information on how photodynamic therapy may be helpful for your complexion, call for an appointment today at 502.899.9998. We offer the most exciting skin care programs in Kentucky.


Medical Disclaimer: All medical procedures are associated with some degree of anesthetic and operative risks. Surgical results may vary from person to person.Your specific anesthetic and operative risks will be outlined at the time of your consultation.