The Procedure

Results & Recovery on Eyelid Surgery

Description of Procedure

As individuals age, their eyelid skin tends to become thinner and more lax, while the supporting eyelid structures also may loose some of their inherent elasticity permitting small fat pads around the eyes to bulge through. Some individuals have too much eyelid skin which may be hereditary. Excessive upper eyelid skin may impair an individual’s visual fields thus obstructing their vision. A blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery may be performed on the upper or lower eyelids. This procedure is designed to reduce excess eyelid skin and a small amount of fat around the eyes. Under certain circumstances, the supportive eyelid structures are tightened, this typically depends on what aesthetic goals each patient desires.

During your consultation Dr. Majzoub will discuss which eyelid procedures you may benefit from, you will be required to have a visual field and visual acuity test before the surgery. Eyelid procedures are performed under general anesthesia, procedure time varies. In general, an upper blepharoplasty requires 45 min-1.5 hours of operative time.


Most individuals do not experience much pain from eyelid surgery. Pain medicine will be prescribed should you need it. Patients are encouraged to ambulate shortly after surgery and perform breathing exercises. Eyelid swelling is most pronounced during the first 24 hours, ocular ointment will be prescribed to keep your eyes moist. Bruising around the eyelids will gradually subside over 2 weeks.


Most individuals will notice an improvement in the appearance of their eyelids. You should look more refreshed and rested. The small eyelid incisions heal quickly, the incision lines are designed to blend in with small creases around the eyelid skin. Dr. Majzoub uses sutures that dissolve.

For more information on whether you may be a candidate for a blepharoplasty procedure, contact Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants at 502.899.9996. Your insurance may cover components of this procedure if you are an individual who is experiencing visual field disturbances from excessive eyelid skin. At Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants our goal is complete patient satisfaction.

Medical Disclaimer:
All medical procedures are associated with some degree of anesthetic and operative risks. Surgical results may vary from person to person. Your specific anesthetic and operative risks will be outlined at the time of your consultation.