Frequently Asked Questions

At Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants we want to make your appointment as enjoyable as possible. We have designed our question and answer page to help answer some of our most commonly requested questions.

Our goal is to keep our patient waiting times to a minimum, we feel the better informed you are, the smoother your appointment will be. Our office relies on electronic medical records, to facilitate the processing of your information, please have your medical history, insurance history and medication list ready upon arrival to the office.

What is the price of a consultation fee?

Cosmetic consultation fees are $50.00 and are due prior to your surgical consultation. Consultation fees may be applied toward your procedure.

Does your office offer special patient financing?

Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants does not offer financing though our office. Our office does accept major credit cards and various cosmetic fee plans through independent financial institutions. More information may be obtained on our web site under Financing Options or call 502.899.9996 and ask to speak with our patient financial coordinator.

What should I expect during my initial office visit?

Depending on your medical needs, you will be asked to fill out a brief medical history including your current medications and past surgical history. You will be examined by your physician and depending on your surgical needs, your consultation may involve a computer assisted explanation of the possible surgical procedures appropriate for you. In some instances, medical photos will be taken, these are used for preoperative planning.

Individuals seeking cosmetic surgery will meet with the financial coordinator for a cost analysis of your surgery. Individuals seeking medical advice may favor filling out our virtual consult to determine if our office may assist you with your surgical needs.

Where will my surgical procedure take place?

Depending on your surgical needs, your physician may perform your surgery in a hospital setting in anticipation of an overnight stay or in a private surgical outpatient setting. Our physicians have hospital privileges throughout Louisville, if you have specific needs we will gladly work with your requests. Individuals requiring reconstructive surgery often require surgical coordination with more than one surgeon, in this case the surgical facility may be determined by the participating physician’s arrangements.

Do I need to pay a surgical consultation fee for Botox® Cosmetic or other spa services?

You do not need to pay a consultation fee for Botox® cosmetic, individuals scheduling appointments with  our office have the privilege of a licensed plastic surgeon administer their Botox® and other designated treatments without a physician charge. Some spa procedures are coordinated with the medical staff, these arrangements will be made at the time of your appointment. Additionally, some spa products require a physician signature given they are not available over-the-counter.

What is included in my cosmetic surgical fee?

Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants offers plastic surgery cosmetic packages which include: operating room fees, anesthesiology fees, your surgeon fees, product fees, pre & post-op care fees bundled.

Fees vary depending on the operating room facility and the anesthesia provided at that facility. Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants administrative office works hard to negotiate competitive facility fees based on the Louisville market. Our patient financial coordinator will provide you with the information you need at the time of your visit.

What is a pre-op appointment?

Prior to your surgery you will be required to return to our office for your pre-op evaluation. Our staff will go over your pre-op instructions, discuss any concerns you may have, review your lab tests and your post-op instructions. An EKG test may be performed, if you have seen your primary care doctor we will review their recommendations. Medication prescriptions will be given to you, this will give you a chance to fill your prescriptions prior to your surgery. When appropriate, some individuals will be required to meet with their anesthesiologist to discuss their medical history and post-operative pain control issues.

Will I meet with my doctor on the day of surgery?

Yes, your physician will meet with you prior to your procedure. Often, preoperative marks are made with you in a standing or sitting position. Your surgeon can answer any last minute questions. Your surgeon will meet with your family after the procedure is over. If you require a hospital stay, your surgeon will follow you throughout your recovery each day.

I have a low pain threshold, does Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants offer any special post-op pain care?

Yes, our office offers the ON-Q® PainBuster® for selected procedures if patients desire this mode of pain control. The ON-Q® PainBuster® consists of an elastomeric ON-Q® ball filled with non-narcotic pain medicine which administers a continuous, regulated flow of local anesthetic through a specially designed catheter to your operative site. Your ON-Q® PainBuster® pain management program will be arranged at the time of your pre-op visit.

Are the plastic surgeons at Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

Yes, our physicians are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and hold full plastic surgery privileges at all local Louisville hospitals and hospitals in Southern Indiana for cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures.