The Procedure

Results & Recovery on a Forehead Lift

Description of Procedure

As an individual ages the eyebrows tend to descend and wrinkles develop between the eyebrows (glabellar region). A forehead lift or brow lift is a surgical procedure designed to raise the eye brows to their previous more youthful position. In the past brow lifts were performed by making an incision across the scalp from one ear to the other. Today, endoscopic brow lifts can be performed though tiny incisions hidden in the hairline. During the procedure the tiny muscles between the eye brows are reduced to prevent glabellar lines, these muscles are the same muscles that individuals who seek Botox® are trying to paralyze. The eyebrows are raised to a more youthful position with strategically place sutures. Small drains are placed in the scalp to remove unwanted fluid from building up at the operative site. The operative procedure is performed as an outpatient and requires up to 2 hours to perform.


Patients generally do not complain of much discomfort, pain medication will be prescribed should you need it. Swelling around the eyebrows and eyelids will gradually subside over 5-7 days. You may experience some bruising around the eyebrows. Patients are encouraged to ambulate shortly after surgery and perform breathing exercises.


Most individuals notice an improvement in the wrinkles that once formed between their eyebrows and the more youthful position of their eyebrows. This procedure can be combined with eyelid surgery to rejuvenate the eyelids.

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Medical Disclaimer:
All medical procedures are associated with some degree of anesthetic and operative risks. Your specific anesthetic and operative risks will be outlined at the time of your consultation.