The Procedure

Results & Recovery on a Thigh Lift

Description of Procedure

Many individuals who have lost an excessive amount of weight after a bariatric procedure experience difficulty with excess tissue along their inner and outer thighs. This tissue, especially the inner thigh tissue, may cause ambulatory problems and personal hygiene issues. A thigh lift is a surgical procedure that is designed to reduce unwanted tissue from the thigh region, this procedure is frequently used to help improve an individual’s ambulation and hygiene.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, typically an overnight stay in the hospital is required for comfort. Incisions vary and may be placed in the bikini line region, in some cases the incision is hidden along the posterior medial aspect of the leg. Excess fat and soft tissue are removed, the thigh skin is tightened removing irregularities. This procedure generally requires 4-6 hours to complete.


Patents should anticipate the need to take 2-3 weeks off from work. Recovery often requires one night in the hospital with your legs elevated in bed to help with the swelling. Expect 2-3 drains at each operative site to help remove excess fluid, these will be removed by your physician in the office on your post-operative visits. Patients are encouraged to ambulate and perform breathing exercises. A supportive garment is often prescribed during your early post-operative recovery period.


The surgical results following a thigh lift can be striking with improved inner and outer thigh contour. Swelling at the operative site will slowly subside over the next 4-6 months. The results are permanent, the scar is often well hidden and will fade with time.

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Medical Disclaimer:
All medical procedures are associated with some degree of anesthetic and operative risks. Surgical results may vary from person to person. Your specific anesthetic and operative risks will be outlined at the time of your consultation.